Monday, April 20, 2009


hello again. .. .. .

i'm in the showroom, will be here the whole day today, with my collegue. . .miss Puchong - Patsy How. . . . so i guess blogging is a better thins to do by now - B4 lunch. . .

Over the last weekend, i received a lot of calls from procpects. . . . mostly asking for my sincere opinion on the recently launched , much anticipated, long waiting EXORA - proton MPV.

Proton EXORA - the long waited MPV from Malaysian Proton. . . . nice to see, good looking, spacious and cheaper. . . .

HOWEVER. . . .

nothing comes cheap anymore and if u have a second thought of it and if u can afford it, might as well go for NISSAN GRAND LIVINA or even OUR FAMOUS NISSAN SERENA

this proton MPV story is one hot topics since government enforced a rule that rear passenger in sedan cars " MUST PUT ON " seatbelt. . . . this rulling had left most of the medium size family to let go their sedan for a MPV, medium size family of 3 children are already shopping around since last october and even since last year, they're already eager to see the Proton MPV.

so again, most of my prospect gone and had not pick up thier phones.

so my friends. . . . check out the car in person - test drive to experience it and check out the forum in the net to see the feedback on the product. . . .

that's it for now and i will updates the comparison in specifications in a few days time. . .

Ardios ! ! !


  1. When i have a family, I might probably buy one of those. :) InsyaAllah

  2. bukan nak kutuk kete mesia tapi... after having iswara, wira and waja.... faham2 ajer la... i really glad we bought livina... suits the name LIVINA!!!!! :)

  3. 1. Beli GRAND LAVINA bayar bulan rm1000-1200 apa yang anda dapat adalah kereta jimat minyak,handling best,besar,maintanance low dan dapat tolong ekonomi jepun(negara penjajah).
    2. Beli PROTON EXORA bayar bulan rm640-800 apa yang anda dapat adalah kereta jimat minyak,handling europe,lagii besar,maintanance low dan dapat tolong ekonomi malaysia(negara yg jepun jajah dulu).