Monday, November 2, 2009

after so long....

Hello. . . . .

feels like so long that i didn't post anything here. . . it's been a busy month for me since raya on september. . . october is a month of hard work and november i hope will be a better month for me/us. . .

Buka Puasa at TGIF Wangsa Walk

Old friends came visiting at home after buka puasa

Raya in Raub . . ..

Wife with her best friends - raya in JB

My 2 Daughters - Nadiah Hannah and Alya Zafira

Got a chance to shoot a cousin wedding in PD

manage to find time for gardening as well

Shooting Nature with Norzaidi

And here i am right now - 10 hours a day. . . .

See Ya. . . .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ampang Puteri

hello. . . . .

just to share with u guys a story of my daughter Alya Zafira.

She was admitted to Ampang Puteri specialist Hospital on Saturday early morning
[ first day puasa ] for fever and dehydrations.

after a few days and a few more blood tests, it was the bacteria infections that
causes her white blood cells to go below normal line.

Alamdulillah, after a single antivirus jab into her drips, she recovered slowly
and was discharged 2 days after.

Thanks to Nadiah Hannah for accompanying and cheer up her lil' sister [ pening aku ]

and more thanks to mama for the care and attentions. i love u .

Now she start to eat and drink again - eventhough not as much, but slowly increases . .
that is our berbuka food - not Alyas' food k.

thank you to Suzie and Fauzi for the visit with foods for us to break the Fast together. TQVM.

Metropolitan Park

selamat pagi. . .

pernahkah anda ke Taman Metropolitan Kepong? atau lebih d kenali sebagai Taman Layang-Layang?

Tak Pernah? tak pa . .tak salah kalau tak pernah. . Tapi saya pernah ke sana, boleh bersenam. . .

pada ahad yg lepas, seminggu sebelum puasa [ sehari selepas broga hills ], saya bersama shima dan hannah berkunjung ke sana untuk beriadah. . . . main bola . .

satu tempat yg sanggat happening utk Family Outing dengan anak2 kecil. ada mcm2 kemudahan yg boleh d sewa atau d guna percuma.

senang2kan diri dan lapang2kan masa utk kesana k, tak nyesal kalau datang during weekend . . .

OKlah. . . .Selamat Berpuasa ya !

Salam. . .

Broga Hills - saturday half day trip

hello again. . ..

it's puasa already and less activities going on lately but. . .
as the post tittle says, we did went up that hills just a week before puasa.

Slightly after the sunrises

YES, it's on saturday as usual. Myself, Shima and Zaidi moves as early as 5.15am from my house and we reach the palmgroves at about 6.00am

Almost there but damn! still looks so far !

walking up is just a breeze [ for some lah. . .] but it's quite challenging for me at least.

thats me

However, as everyone else did, we conquered the hill top at about time the sun rises from the east - just behind those rolling hills.


Now that is what the journey is all about . . . spent an hour or two there for some photoshots and even met a fellow Alphanatics forumer.


Next in the list is another Hilltop. which one? dunno yet. . . need to keep fit first

Chiao !

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cameron Trip

hello. . . . . FYI : i went for another short trip over the last wekend - cameron highland
nice freezing place as it was raining the whole 2 days. . . fun fun fun...

stop for a mee kari and mee soup breakfast at bidor - nice fish cakes and crab cake.

my ride if i stay/worked there

among others in our trip

shima at BOH tea plantation - we were there early to catch the sunrise but. .. . KABUS spoilt it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sungai Chilling - Saturday day trip

Hello. . . .

Just last saturday, we [ me, shima and best old buddy - Dee " Tok Ya " ] went for a chilling out at Sungai Chilling Waterfall - located along Jalan Kuala Kubu towards Fraser's Hill after the Kuala Kubu Dam.

we reach the guard house to check in at about noon and the walk up easily took us 1/2 an hour . .

i was a great place for a small hiking [ 3km up + 3km down ] - crossing the river 6x - one way.

theres even a groups of peoples moving downstream as we went uphill - they must have walk in ealier in the morning.

but the rewards are fair enough for the short trip and thrill. . .

shima at the waterfall

the flora too are quite interesting to be appreciated by whom that value the nature.

we left / check out at 4.40 pm after that short 30 minutes/3km walk

for an even better rewarding ABC at Kuala Kubu Town.

Damn tired the day after. . . .

Monday, July 27, 2009

engagement and so on. . .


last 2 weeks,

engagement of SITI - wifey cousin



of course Nadiah Hannah ada. . .

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yuna - Dan sebenarnya. . . . Nadiah Hannah

hello. . . .

this time i just wanna share our excitement watching our Daughter Nadiah Hannah playing her toy guitar and singging a tunes by Yuna... Dan sebenarnya. . .

Eventhough she doesn't sound exactly like her but we knew. . . .

and she knew it too. .

lovely . . .

Saturday, July 4, 2009

This week Saturday Entry

Salam and Hello. . .

woke up this morning and wifey says "Pegi Gym jom. . . ." then i said . . . "Boleh jugak" .

Cut the story short- after Gym we went walking around in KLCC for a while

and Off to Avenue K for Lunch.

I had Seaweed Noodle Soup and my wife a

hearthy Penang Char Kuey Teow. . . Yummy !

by the time i reached home. . . it's nearly 4pm and went to buy some groceries at Giant Batu caves. went to pasar malam on the way back for Jagung Bakar for Hannah. . .

Skipped dinner for today and " layan TV " for the rest of the day. . .[even while doing this entry]

Need to go now. . . . C ya. . .