Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

last night, some of us here in Malaysia celebrate the 60 Earth Hour, some uf us i saw are doing nothing about it. . . so. . . how effective is the "Earth Hour" thing and how much we Earthian had help to go against the Global warming?

On my part . . . .i know i had done my part, we left the house and went to my sister place to have a dinner . . .. dun get me wrong but at least 4 families together in 1 place had saves a lot already isn't it? not just that . . .

we left our house for more than 5 hours each hause x 3 families . . thats is a total of 15 hours for 4 families = 3hrs 45 mins/family/house.

and my sister consumed the same amount of lights and eletricity because we had a steamboat dinner. not much cooking required but a slow cooker on a stove . . .

so folks . . .what about you . . . .


  1. hey, go and read my blog laaaa for what i do during earth hour... like you, all sibling including my parent dok lepak my house hehehe

  2. ha ha ha . . .great mind thinks alike. good!