Monday, November 8, 2010


hello. . .

this post today is about my experiment on a single flash portrait on a broad daylight / slight rain. couple of shots of the same angle taken for my own comparison and here are the results. . .
seriously need a lot of improvements to enhance the subject [ in the near future. . . ]

my wife Shima with a unique background

1st Daughter Hannah - kinda over exposed+bright background

2nd Daughter Alya - realized that i can actually enhanced the rain effect with flash triggered behind her. . . NEXT TIME !

My Elder sister Suzie. . . 50mm f2.8 kot. .

Alif Ashraf - flash from my left side since i did this shot in portraits and the flash maintained to triggered from sides.

But above all, this is my favorite! love the crispiness of her image against the background
50mm f1.8 !

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