Saturday, January 3, 2009


dear friends, readers and visitors,

few days has passed and we're now in the new year of 2009. I'm so glad that 2008 had been a great year for me and my family. I wish all of you had the same great experience thru out 2008. I personally know a few that had a tremendous year in 2008.

Anyway, I would like to share my 2008 experience with all of you and you may leave a comments and feedback and u may want to follow my blog so we can update each others from time to time . . . .

Happy New Year once again and may 2009 will be another great 12 month that we can enjoy . . .

090108 - Nadiah Hannah 1st Birthday

180408 - Bali trip

May 2008 - Fraser's Hill day trip

15 July 2008 - I left TGI Friday's After 14 years

August 2008 - Cherating Trip

September 2008 - Adopt a persian white - Johnny

September - passion on photography sparked in me - shot taken with Canon Powershot A710 IS

October 2008 - Aidilfitri - Nadiah's first Baju Kurung

Late October 2008 - selected for the final 30 of Sony Double Exposure

Photos taken with loaned Sony Alpha 300

The great ended with the birth of our 2nd Daughter Alya Zafira on 11122008 [ here seen with first daughter Nadiah Hannah ]

See you in the post guys and Thank You . . . .


  1. wahhh u makin terrerrrr jomm lahh photo outinggggg

  2. Fuyo! Abang Rahim blogginglah! *tepuk tangan*
    Hihi... Comelnya your two daughters!
    Terer ek abang belajar ambik gambar ni?
    In Sepetember the passion sparked and now look at u??
    Rapidnya! Keep it up then teach me eh? :D

  3. hei syaz and ira,

    i ambik ni semua pakai alpha 300 yang loan tu. pas tu mana ada ambik gambar lagidah....
    dah busy.. .nanti i beli slr i kasi tau dan kita pegi street shot k.

    sapa nak ikut angkat tangan ...