Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sungai Chilling - Saturday day trip

Hello. . . .

Just last saturday, we [ me, shima and best old buddy - Dee " Tok Ya " ] went for a chilling out at Sungai Chilling Waterfall - located along Jalan Kuala Kubu towards Fraser's Hill after the Kuala Kubu Dam.

we reach the guard house to check in at about noon and the walk up easily took us 1/2 an hour . .

i was a great place for a small hiking [ 3km up + 3km down ] - crossing the river 6x - one way.

theres even a groups of peoples moving downstream as we went uphill - they must have walk in ealier in the morning.

but the rewards are fair enough for the short trip and thrill. . .

shima at the waterfall

the flora too are quite interesting to be appreciated by whom that value the nature.

we left / check out at 4.40 pm after that short 30 minutes/3km walk

for an even better rewarding ABC at Kuala Kubu Town.

Damn tired the day after. . . .

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  1. i know this place tapi tu la tak kesampaian lagik nak pergi... huhu...