Saturday, July 4, 2009

This week Saturday Entry

Salam and Hello. . .

woke up this morning and wifey says "Pegi Gym jom. . . ." then i said . . . "Boleh jugak" .

Cut the story short- after Gym we went walking around in KLCC for a while

and Off to Avenue K for Lunch.

I had Seaweed Noodle Soup and my wife a

hearthy Penang Char Kuey Teow. . . Yummy !

by the time i reached home. . . it's nearly 4pm and went to buy some groceries at Giant Batu caves. went to pasar malam on the way back for Jagung Bakar for Hannah. . .

Skipped dinner for today and " layan TV " for the rest of the day. . .[even while doing this entry]

Need to go now. . . . C ya. . .

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  1. amboi! mentang ler ada gadget baru, habis semua tempat dok klik klik ya...