Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ampang Puteri

hello. . . . .

just to share with u guys a story of my daughter Alya Zafira.

She was admitted to Ampang Puteri specialist Hospital on Saturday early morning
[ first day puasa ] for fever and dehydrations.

after a few days and a few more blood tests, it was the bacteria infections that
causes her white blood cells to go below normal line.

Alamdulillah, after a single antivirus jab into her drips, she recovered slowly
and was discharged 2 days after.

Thanks to Nadiah Hannah for accompanying and cheer up her lil' sister [ pening aku ]

and more thanks to mama for the care and attentions. i love u .

Now she start to eat and drink again - eventhough not as much, but slowly increases . .
that is our berbuka food - not Alyas' food k.

thank you to Suzie and Fauzi for the visit with foods for us to break the Fast together. TQVM.

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  1. Alhamdulillah, the little gal is ok... tau ajer la now kan musim sakit merata2. Mom and dad pun kena jaga kesihatan juga ya...