Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Broga Hills - saturday half day trip

hello again. . ..

it's puasa already and less activities going on lately but. . .
as the post tittle says, we did went up that hills just a week before puasa.

Slightly after the sunrises

YES, it's on saturday as usual. Myself, Shima and Zaidi moves as early as 5.15am from my house and we reach the palmgroves at about 6.00am

Almost there but damn! still looks so far !

walking up is just a breeze [ for some lah. . .] but it's quite challenging for me at least.

thats me

However, as everyone else did, we conquered the hill top at about time the sun rises from the east - just behind those rolling hills.


Now that is what the journey is all about . . . spent an hour or two there for some photoshots and even met a fellow Alphanatics forumer.


Next in the list is another Hilltop. which one? dunno yet. . . need to keep fit first

Chiao !

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